Dear Junior Golfers

At the early age of 6 years old, I was introduced to golf by my brother Jack who was an Assistant Pro at Northampton Country Club in Massachusetts. My first lesson was on the putting green, then moved on to chipping the ball. At the age of 10, I was allowed to caddy for women who had light golf bags that I could carry for nine holes. There were no “junior programs” for young golfers and junior tournaments did not exist! My first tournament experience was a “caddy tournament” at 16 years old.

Today, I am excited about the Toski Junior Golf Tournament, which was a huge success due to the efforts of Donna Serino, who heads the junior program. Watching the excitement and joy in the faces of these juniors reminded me of what I had missed in my early youth at golf! Due to the efforts of Donna Serino and Gary Day, as well as their expertise and leadership, Toski Junior Golf can be assured the success of this program for years to come.

Golfingly Yours,

Bob Toski

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